DOT & LINK Reach Multi-Month & 9-Day Highs: Weekend Crypto Markets Update

• Polkadot (DOT) remained close to a multi-month high on Saturday, following a breakout above a $7.15 resistance level.
• Chainlink (LINK) also moved higher to start the weekend, with prices climbing to a nine-day high.
• Both tokens rose significantly higher as the day progressed, with Polkadot hitting a six-month peak of $7.42 and Chainlink reaching an intraday high of $7.71.

Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot (DOT) remained close to its highest level since September on Saturday, after breaking out above a $7.15 resistance level earlier in the session. Prices hit an intraday peak of $7.39 and a six-month peak of $7.42 during the session, indicating that bullish sentiment is still strong for this token. The 10-day (red) moving average is now nearing an upwards cross with its 25-day (blue) counterpart, suggesting that momentum may have shifted in favour of bulls again after last week’s downward cross.

Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink (LINK) also registered gains on Saturday, with prices climbing to a nine-day high at one point during the session. LINK/USD surged from an intraday low of $7.26 to reach an intraday high of $7.71 as it broke out of a resistance level at $7.60 earlier in today’s session. Although gains have since diminished slightly, the relative strength index (RSI) remains relatively close to its long-term floor at 59 levels, suggesting that there may be more upside potential in store for LINK holders in the near future if bulls are able to maintain their current trajectory over coming days and weeks ahead..

Biggest Movers

Polkadot and Chainlink were among some of the biggest movers in crypto markets over Saturday’s trading session as both tokens rise significantly higher from where they opened late Friday evening local time in Asia Pacific region exchanges such as Binance & Huobi Global respectively . This comes less than a week after DOT/USD dropped below its ten day moving average but now looks set for further upside should buyers be able to maintain their current momentum over coming days ahead while LINK/USD has already broken out past its seven sixty dollar resistance level which could mean further upside potential if buyers can stay consistent going forward as well..

Impact on Markets

The bullish sentiment displayed by both tokens was reflected across much of crypto markets during Saturday’s trading session too with most major coins registering gains against their US Dollar counterparts throughout Asia Pacific exchanges like Binance & Huobi Global amongst others . As such , this could be indicative that overall investor confidence is beginning return towards crypto assets once more , especially considering how positive sentiment appears surrounding both DOT & LINK currently m making this latest rally particularly noteworthy since it stands well above other altcoins present within crypto markets right now .


To conclude , Polkadot & Chainlink saw significant price increases across Saturday’s trading sessions respectively , signalling renewed investor confidence towards these two projects specifically which seem poised for further upside should buyers continue pushing them higher going forward . On top of this , their respective rallies were also reflective across much wider crypto markets too highlighting how robustly bullish sentiment seems at present within cryptocurrency space overall – making this latest rally one worth noting given all factors considered thus far .